Exalys Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of EP4 antagonists to target a range of diseases with high unmet needs and limited treatment options.

The EP4 receptor is a proven pharmacologic target that can affect neuroinflammatory disorders by controlling the immune response to peripheral inflammation, a major cause of postoperative delirium.  The peripheral inflammatory response to surgery and the effect of EP4 antagonism can be measured clinically through established circulating cytokine biomarkers.

Specific antagonism of the EP4 receptor has a range of potential uses across diseases with high unmet need and significant societal impact, including indications in neuroscience and metabolic disorders.

The lead indication for Exalys’ development, post-operative delirium, sometimes referred to as “acute brain failure,” is a common and serious surgical complication in older patients that can lead to increased hospital costs and poor post-discharge outcomes.